Metal Parts


Drennan understands the Chinese foundry's supply environment and maintains long-term relationships with some of the most powerful suppliers. Relying on SGS to inspect material and material properties to ensure product quality meets regulatory requirements. The casting methods we are good at include:
a. Full-silica sol precision casting;
b. Water glass precision casting;
c. Sand casting;
d. Gravity casting;
e. Centrifugal casting;
f. Die casting;
g. Low pressure casting;
h. Lost foam casting
We are good at solving the application of various materials in casting and help customers to optimize products.

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Odoo • 图像和文字


Drennan has efficient processing equipment that can meet the processing requirements of various products. We rely on the Wenzel test center and use the CMM to perform conformance testing on product dimensions to ensure that the customer's product quality meets regulatory requirements.


Drennan has a wealth of forging experience. According to the different characteristics of products, precision die forging, free forging and cold extrusion are adopted to meet the needs of different customers.

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Drennan sums up a wealth of welding experience in production. Through flaw detection and other non-destructive testing, ensure that each product's requirements meet the standards.


Stamping is an important part of Drennan's products, so Drennan has an efficient stamping supplier team that can better meet customer needs through cooperation with Drennan.

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